Communities Connect

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Welcome to the main live section of CRT Connect, where coalfield-communities can connect with each other. Let's establish wide networks of like-minded individuals and organisations, build trust and have open and honest dialogue about our needs and priorities! Share community-action plans, look at funding!

Let's connect on social media, video-conferencing, email, instant messaging, forums, surveys and other methods for assessment and collaboration!

If your community or organisation would like to contribute any of the above and participate, please get in touch!

Game On is the Trust’s Sport for Change programme, which through direct delivery of sport-based activity for the last 13 years has helped people in some of our most disadvantaged coalfield communities gain new skills, achieve qualifications, find work and become more active – making lives better through sport.

A key activity of CRT is to help tailor capacity-building support, working with local residents and groups to establish skills/structures and secure external funding for agreed projects. Communities can act fast if they can make each other aware of funding available.
Further to our funding and progammes outline we provide details and suggestions on funding for organisations within Coalfields Communities.

2020/2021 saw the beginning of CRT's growing initiatives, We have decided to run a sunflower growing competition for everyone in our communities to get involved in and have some fun whilst learning how to grow sunflowers. Each entry will receive a free pack of seeds and there will be a prize for each of the three categories. 
During the COVID19 pandemic, CRT funded Community Growing projects across the Coalfields areas to help with producing fresh fruit and vegetables and to help create more opportunities for community volunteers. The project highlighted the need for more resources and networking surrounding the topic of Community Food. 

Welcome to the CRT Films of Action Project - The idea for this pilot filmmaking project, was the belief that the coalfield communities have a plethora of positive and inspiring stories to tell that go way beyond their coalmining heritage.

We are using the Place Standard Tool to gather important information about your community as part of a journey towards the creation of a community action plan. This plan will set out a series of concrete steps to help your community make action for positive change, based on your collective views.

While physically remote from each other, communities can now connect with each other through a variety of digital platforms.
Information about live events of; video-conference, messaging, surveys and forums - are posted here for your attention, as well as guides on the various genres.

Coalfields communities can now connect through our directory of shared media information; of websites, social media, community action plans and contact details.  This way we can each seek advice and share our communities' ingenuity and creativity for the benefit of others.

The Coalfields Community Futures programme enables communities to each devise a Community Action Plan - making a case for achieving the things the community believe are important. Each provides their vision for the future, views on the current state of the community and priorities for action. In sharing our plans we can often learn from each other how achieve our goals.

Our communities directory of key, pertinent web-links. Updated regularly for access to relevant websites shared by community groups, services and organisations we would recommend to each other.
We believe it is very important to be able to access important and correct information quickly, and to have this information at our fingertips.