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    The Coalfields Community Futures programme enables communities to devise a community Action Plan which makes a case for the things that the community thinks are important and wishes to make happen.

    The Programme aims to:

    •   Identify local needs and priorities
    •   Develop a deliverable community action plan
    •   Make small scale improvements via a participatory budget fund
    •   Work together with support to secure external funding
    •   Work with each other to develop relationships and partners

    The process encourages widespread involvement of local people in each Action Plan, each plan includes:

    •   A vision for the future of the community
    •   Views on the current state of the community
    •   Priorities for action
    •   The main strategies for community development

    Since 2011 The Coalfields Community Futures Programme has:

    •   Supported 46 coalfield communities to develop 5 year Action Plans
    •   Surveyed a population of over 229,000 Residents
    •   Carried out over 50 stakeholder surveys and received over 7000 household surveys
    •   Involved over 9600 People in Community Open Days
    •   Helped to set up 10 new Development Trust
    •   Awarded 1.9 million pounds to 425 Projects through the Participatory Budget Fund

    Click below to access the plans from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust website section, which are arranged in Local Authority Area sections.

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    Our Coalfield Community Action Plans so far
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