Topic outline

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, CRT adapted to suit community needs and identified more resources and information were needed to support community food initiatives seeking to support people facing food insecurity. The project involves working closely with community groups, local volunteers and potential partners with experience of food initiatives. 

  • South West Fife Villages Community Food Map

    Love Food Hate Waste

    As part of the Love Food Hate Waste project led by Fife Council we carried out a series of food mapping workshops with local communities in South West Fife to help inform the creation of an interactive map showing you where to access local food. The map includes local growing spaces, pantries, food hubs as well as local food producers.

    You can view the map here

    If you would like to add new information to the map look at the top bar and click on propose a site.
  • Peas Please - Veg Advocates + The Dignity Project

    Peas Please is a ground breaking new, UK wide, Food Foundation initiative, led, in Scotland, by Nourish Scotland to make it easier for everyone to eat more veg. Peas Please will bring together businesses and the public sector including farmers, retailers, processors, fast food chains and government, to solve supply chain barriers to veg consumption.  We know that at eating more veg is good for our health, will help our NHS, and can also reduce our carbon footprint. CRT supports the work being carried by Nourish Scotland and we want to share this learning with our own Coalfields Communities. 

    Veg Advocates

    We have signed up the the Veg Advocates Network to promote the good work our communities are doing in growing local food to support their local community.

    Dignity in Practice

    Nourish Scotland also has a  Dignity in Practice project working alongside community food groups and organisations to explore the detail of what promoting and enhancing dignity looks like in community food provision. The peer support programme encourages practice change that recognises the important role of community initiatives as sources of support to people experiencing food insecurity, as well as inclusive spaces for people to access, share and enjoy food, regardless of their circumstances. 

    The film below offers an introduction to the Dignity work that the team has been involved in since 2016. To view the video, please select the link:

    To find out more information about The Dignity Project, please visit displaying the words Dignity in Practice

  • Questions & Answers

    We have created a CRT Growing and Community Food Message Board where members of communities can post a question or ask for guidance from other community members. The message board should be used for everyone to share their knowledge, skills and experience. 

    We aim to share any unanswered questions at our monthly café meetings for anyone who may have not had the time to view the message board but may still be able to assist at the café.

    To access the message board, please click here.

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