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  • A story from Cumnock

    Create a Smile in Cumnock had been busy helping out East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities by delivering lunches to elderly residents in their local community.  The group were also able to take extra treats in to the residents as well, like Easter eggs that had been donated by Auchinleck Youth Academy and individual afternoon teas donated by Riverside Day Centre in Cumnock.

    Heather and her team said "It’s been really great to be able to keep the residents spirits up by shouting a wee hello from a safe distance each day! The kindness of our coalfield communities is astounding. The car we used to deliver the food parcels needed work done and also needed an MOT. When we went to pay the bill we were told the garage had taken care of it and not only that but baking products we needed in order for us to include home baking in our food parcels had been bought and put in the back of the car for us. Another local business owner had also paid for a full tank of petrol to help keep us going too!

      Lady handling food parcels