Topic outline

  • What you will need:

    What you need:

    ·         A container, this one is made from an old pallet.

    ·         A liner for inside the planter, I used some plastic sheet and some wool packaging.

    ·         Potting Compost, make sure it’s peat free (most are these days)

    ·         Slow release feed

    ·         Water retaining gel

    ·         Gardening Grit

    ·         A selection of herbs

    Everything you need for your herb planter. The peat free compost, garden grit, a planter, a liner (if necessary), Plant food, water saving gel, a selection of plants. You will also need water!

    • Preparing Your Planter

      If it’s a plastic planter then you don’t need to worry about a liner but make sure that there are holes at the bottom for drainage. Without drainage holes the plants are likely to suffer from root rot as the compost becomes waterlogged. If the planter is hand made from recycled materials you may need to line the planter. You can use plastic sheet or any material that helps keep the compost in place and slows the drying out of the compost.

      Add a layer of compost to cover the base of the planter. You can add slow release plant food which will make sure the herbs will be fed throughout the summer and get all the nutrients they need.  You have to remember that you will have a lot of plants living in a very limited amount of compost and sharing the limited resource, so some extra help will give the plants the best chance to grow well.

      You can add water retaining gel as another way of helping keep a damp environment to help the plant roots to thrive.