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    Healthy Communities Programme 

    This publication was commissioned by the Improvement and Development Agency’s (IDeA) Healthy Communities Programme in England. The Healthy Communities programme brings together a wide range of programmes and activities with one clear aim – to help local government improve the health of their local communities. As part of its work the programme also manages a community of practice for all those working to improve health and wellbeing locally, which enables individuals to share successes and collaborate on challenges.

    The report is very relevant today, and across the whole of the UK. There is continued concern over the widening gap in health inequalities.  The emphasis of community-based learning has been changing and adapting to the challenges.

    This report (accessed below) covers the key messages throughout an asset approach in communities.

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      In this report find out about:

      Part 1: about the asset approach

      • The asset approach: a glass half full
      • The case for an asset approach
      • From here to there: what does an asset approach mean for healthy communities practitioners? 
      • Developing an evidence base for the asset approach

      Part 2: the techniques

      • Asset mapping
      • Asset based community development (ABCD) 
      • Appreciative inquiry (AI)
      • Storytelling
      • World Café
      • Participatory appraisal (PA)
      • Open space technology (OST)

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