Topic outline

  • About this course

    In this free course, Exploring the psychological aspects of sport injury, you will examine the relationship between injury and psychological factors. You will look at the link between injury and psychology at two distinct points – before an injury has occurred and then following an injury. First, you will consider the psychological factors that may increase the likelihood of sustaining a sport injury (pre-injury), and then you will consider psychological reactions to the incidence of a sport injury (post-injury). The course will also allow you to examine how sport and exercise psychology can be used both to help minimise the risk of injury and to help people cope better with sport injury rehabilitation.

    • Learning outcomes

      After studying this course, you should be able to:

      • identify the psychological factors that may lead to a sport injury
      • recognise the role sport and exercise psychology intervention can play in the prevention of injury
      • evaluate psychological responses to sport injury
      • identify psychological interventions that can aid rehabilitation from injury.

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        24 hours study

        Level 2: Intermediate

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