Topic outline

  • About this course

    Understand how the arts can improve the lives of people with dementia

    Creating a society that supports people living with a dementia is a major challenge - and opportunity. On this course you will discover how the arts can create a common ground between people. You will learn what we can all do to improve the quality of life and care for people living with different dementias, examining best practice and the limits of our current understanding.

    Drawing on the work of the Created Out of Mind project during its residency at the Wellcome Collection, this course will expand your perceptions of the dementias and the diverse role of the arts in all our lives.

    Who is the course for?

    This course is for people interested in dementia care. You might be living with a dementia, helping to care or support someone who is, are an artist or healthcare practitioner currently working or thinking about working in the dementia and arts field, or a student, researcher or commissioner trying to understand the role of arts-based practices in dementia care

    • Learning outcomes

      What topics will you cover?

      • Seeing the dementias differently through the arts and seeing the arts differently through the dementias
      • How can moments be understood, experienced and measured?
      • Creating Common Ground: The arts, equality and dementia
      • Language & Communication: How can we change the conversation?

      What will you achieve?

      By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

      • Explore the emerging landscape for dementias and the arts in which artistic and cultural interventions are now being acknowledged
      • Reflect upon a variety of arts-based communication strategies that can be employed to engage with people living with dementias
      • Develop a qualitative appreciation of the value of ‘in the moment’ experiences
      • Reflect upon the worth of scientific research in bridging clinical sciences and arts-based practices to further our ability to care for people living with dementias
      • Describe the value of creating common ground, and the associated importance of shared experiences, co-creativity and equality
      • Investigate the role of language and communication on the perception of dementias
      • Apply knowledge to model a broader understanding of the lived experiences of people living with dementias

      • Access this course

        The free course from UCL is on Future Learn.

        Duration: 4 weeks
        Weekly study: 2 hours

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