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  • Introduction

    Community Champions Challenge

    Is there an issue you feel passionate about?  A group of people you want to help and support?  Have you
     noticed a need in your community or thought of a way you can help the environm

    The Social Enterprise Academy presents a course called the Community Champions Challenge, which children can enter. As a teacher or parent/carer you might wish to suggest this to your children/learners.
    The academy has set up a series of activities that your child can access online to help them learn about social enterprise, identify the needs around them and how they might help, come up with an enterprise idea and make a business plan. 

    See more details here:

    • Access the course

      Course activities outline:

      Activity 1: What is Cocial Enterprise?
      Activity 2: The Social Side - Part 1
      Activity 3: The Social Side - Part 2
      Activity 4: The Enterprise - Part 1
      Activity 5: The Enterprise - Part 2
      Activity 6: Skills of an Entrepreneur
      Activity 7: Make a Plan
      Activity 8: Pitch the Plan

      To access the course-page with the Community Champions Challenge, click the link below:

      Good luck!