Topic outline

  • About this course

    Learn how to lead project teams with success

    Digital transformation and the rise of large scale infrastructure projects has created a growing demand for more project-oriented jobs worldwide. On this course, you will go beyond the fundamentals of project management and improve your knowledge so you’re better prepared to lead projects in the future.

    You will focus on ensuring your projects deliver the intended benefits to stakeholders whilst being on time and within budget. You will learn how to choose the best approach to projects and develop the leadership and management skills needed to grow effective project teams.

    • What will you achieve?

      Week 1

      • The skills a project manager needs to master
      • Demands placed on a project manager
      • Identifying and evaluating stakeholders
      • Lines of communication
      • Ethics in projects

      Week 2

      • Managing in situations of volatility and uncertainty
      • Managing complexity and ambiguity
      • Linear, iterative and hybrid project lifecycles
      • Selecting the right approach
      • Developing project agility

      Week 3

      • Forming and developing project teams
      • Launching projects
      • Conditions for success
      • The power of social, identity and cognitive diversity
      • Developing and safeguarding project teams

      Week 4

      • Managing quality in a project
      • The costs of quality
      • Preparing a quality plan
      • Managing resources
      • Looking at the critical chain
      • Dealing with conflict

      • Who is this course for?

        This course is for people working on and leading projects in their work but who may not see themselves as professional project managers. It also offers the opportunity for people to explore project management as a career