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Our communities tell us us of the importance of supporting the development of their inherited natural, ecological and social assets - separately or often together.  These assets are often under threat and are vital to both a healthy lifestyle and in the delivery of services.  
While also a huge global concern, the communities are leading examples of what we all can do to improve these assets.

This section supports development of assets, and in doing so will help you work in partnership with agencies and professional associations.

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Trellis is a national charity that offers help, support, networking and training to therapeutic garden projects throughout Scotland.

They have a wealth of experience which has been squeezed into an invaluable instruction manual called ‘How to set up a Therapeutic Garden Project.

No matter what type of garden project you are setting up, their will be some good advice and encouragement in this course of action created by the wealth of experience gained in learning by doing.

It is with thanks to Trellis that we can share this invaluable resource free of charge.

This course  from Enid at CRT, takes you through the stages of planting up a window box with herbs. It explains what you need and how to successfully plant up the window box to include slow release plant food and water reatining gel for long lasting plants in a small growing space.

Read an excellent report from the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) which has stood the test of time. An asset approach to health inequalities and valuing resilience in England.

Discover your local geology, and that of the British Isles - in 15 minutes!
Open Learn shows an excellent selection of short geology courses that will answer all of your questions, about the landscapes you are living on.

This free course from the Open University is available to start right now. This OpenLearn course provides a sample of level 1 study in Environment & Development.  It looks at how we can study ecosystems to explore the effect that humans are having on the environment.

This free course is from the OU's Centre of Public Understanding of Finance, supported by True Potential LLP and looks at effective management of household debt, investments, property and pension funds effectively.
Access from Future Learn website.

The Social Enterprise Academy have set up a series of activities that your child can access online to help them learn about social enterprise, identify the needs around them and how they might help, come up with an enterprise idea and make a business plan. 

Your child will be able to submit their learning for each activity and will receive a certificate as they complete them.

This free course, Neighbourhood nature is from the Open Learn; Environment & Development section. It will provide you with basic scientific and observational skills so that you can go into your local neighbourhood to discover the animals and plants in open spaces.

Think Resilience is an online course to help you start doing something about climate change and other sustainability challenges - starting in your own community.
This course is presented by the Post Carbon Institute.

This Open Learn free course, iSpot: Sharing nature, provides a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in nature. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about wildlife, and to share your interest with a wider community.