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In 2017 the Scottish Government refreshed their digital learning and teaching strategy for Scotland, enhancing learning and teaching for all, through the use of digital technology.  This ensures Scotland is a vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking digital nation.
As lifelong learners, we can all benefit from free courses in digital learning.

These courses reflect the main themes of Digital: Use, Identity, Rights, Literacy, Communication, Security and Safety.

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From the Institute of Coding, on Future Learn, learn how and why conversational interfaces have developed and the ways in which this exciting new technology is evolving. Learn about the skills and design thinking you need to develop a successful conversational interface.

This free course from the University of Edinburgh teaches you how to program using Scratch - an easy visual programming language, introducing you to fundamental principles of computing. Coursera sign in required.

Learn My Way is a website of free online courses for beginners, helping you develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.   The modules are combined into personalised packages to help guide learners through the site in a way that’s logical and easy to follow.
Learn My Way is owned by Good Things Foundation.

Learn how to use social media for business, from creating a social media presence to measuring success.
This course is from Accenture via Future Learn.

Join us as we delve into the lives of children and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of technology in their lives.

Computers and computer systems

This free course from the Open University is available to start right now.

Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online

This free course from the Open University is available to start right now.

Network administrators often need to divide networks into subnetworks, or subnets, to provide addressing flexibility. This free course describes the purposes and functions of subnets and their addressing schemes.

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This free course focuses on the use of Spanning Tree Protocol to prevent loops when you expand the switched network from a small LAN to a medium-sized network.

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