Following from the amazing short stories-of-action, this section provides courses-of-action, outlining and establishing successful courses of actions, that can be adapted and adopted to benefit other communities. 
Created by individuals, groups and highly-reputable organisations, they are based on community experiences and trusted methods.  Each course outlines in detail, steps towards achieving significant improvements, in aspects of community life.  

If you have a community course-of-action you'd like to devise and share with others, please get in touch and we will help! Email:

Luggiewatch volunteers transform an ugly - but very useful container - into a beautiful and essential community storage to help the various activities of Luggiewatch and the Waterside Community Council.

Trellis is a national charity that offers help, support, networking and training to therapeutic garden projects throughout Scotland.

They have a wealth of experience which has been squeezed into an invaluable instruction manual called ‘How to set up a Therapeutic Garden Project.

No matter what type of garden project you are setting up, their will be some good advice and encouragement in this course of action created by the wealth of experience gained in learning by doing.

It is with thanks to Trellis that we can share this invaluable resource free of charge.

This course  from Enid at CRT, takes you through the stages of planting up a window box with herbs. It explains what you need and how to successfully plant up the window box to include slow release plant food and water reatining gel for long lasting plants in a small growing space.

Luggiewatch group, from Waterside in East Dunbartonshire, successfully run monthly litter-pick events with volunteers from Waterside and beyond. Here they share how they do this and encourage others to do likewise.

This course is about how to bring people together to engage in different activities, encouraging self-organising and creating space for things to happen. It involves developing mutual support, linking with other support groups/organisations and reducing isolation.